covid- 19


Salons in Massachusetts will be opening their doors as of May 25, 2020!

I ask for your patience while we get back into the swing of things. Our hours are greatly reduced so it will take some time to get to you all. Please understand this. I am only one person and can only do so much under the new guidelines.

In order to be fair, I will be calling each client in the order that their appointment was missed. If you miss my call, I will not be able to hold a spot in my book until I hear back from you so please be sure my phone number is in your contacts so you know to answer when you see my name come up (409-420-4247). If you had a June appointment previously booked then you’re all set and I ask that you keep that slot unless, for some reason, you cannot make that day/time. I cannot guarantee that I will have a better slot so plan accordingly.

NOTE: If you colored your own hair during the lock-down and it needs to be corrected, I cannot guarantee that I will have time in the first weeks of opening to fix it. I may ask for a photo or ZOOM call in order to see what was done before I can decide how to proceed.

NOTE: Your color appointment may cost you a bit more the first time back. Why? You have more roots than usual and it will take more product to cover the growth. Since I won’t know until I see you, please plan your monetary needs accordingly.

NOTE: CASH OR CHECK ONLY for any service under $100. Credit card use is currently restricted to larger projects. Thank you for your understanding in this.


Want to help me help you help me? I offer a service called a root n scoot. It is a shortened service of the full cut and color but half the price and time. I will cut and color your hair and then you will go home and rinse it out yourself. Saves me time so I can see more clients faster and saves you some money. You don’t have to do this, but if you want it, this option is available.

Aside from the immense amount of sanitation we will be doing before, during, and after every client, there are guidelines that will be in place that will be as follows:

  • Masks that go around your ears MUST be worn PROPERLY (covering mouth and nose) at ALL TIMES. If you do not have a mask or one that meets the requirements you may purchase one from me (while supplies last) for $3. Children under the age of 2 are not required to wear one.
  • You must wait in your car until it is your turn. Either text or call your stylist to let them know you’re there and she will wave you in when she is ready.
  • If you are coughing or sneezing upon arrival you may be asked to leave. So if you have allergies, take those meds!!
  • You may not bring in more items than necessary. If you have a large purse or backpack, we ask that you leave it in the car and take in only what you will need for the appointment. ie: wallet, phones, keys, beverage.
  • If you are coming in as a family, if a child is too young to be left alone then only 2 members will be allowed in at one time. The others will be asked to remain in the car until we are ready for them. If everyone in the family is of an age that they can sit without parental care, we ask that parents and family stay in the car.
  • You will have your temperature taken before entering the salon. If it is 100.1 degrees or above you will not be permitted into the salon and your appointment cancelled until you can prove health.
  • Once inside, your hands will be sprayed with hand sanitizer. If you do not want this, we will direct you to the bathroom to wash your hands.
  • You will be asked to sign a waiver of liability. Please see Waiver of Release and Liability under the Covid-19 tab to read it in advance. If you are not willing to sign it, you will not be permitted a service.
  • No lip waxes can be performed until further notice.
  • If, for any reason, you feel you may have been exposed to covid-19 prior to your visit, please be honest and reschedule. Don’t ruin this for everyone else.
  • Failure to follow any of these guidelines will lead to a cancelled appointment.

Also, I would like to announce that I now have all of my products posted on my website. If you need product or want to try something new, go take a look. If you would like to purchase product either text or email me with your order. I will send an invoice to you and once it has been paid I will place the order and let you know when it has arrived.

Now, go sit by your phone and wait for my call! If you do not hear from me right away, please know, I’m getting there. Two months of clients cannot, much like Rome, be called all at once.

Let’s all continue to practice safe social distancing when possible and continue to take care of each other so that we don’t need to shut down again!

I can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces in my mirror again! (I guess in this case – all of your twinkling eyes!)

Your Stylist,



"Fashion fades, Style is forever."