If you are not happy with your results, please call or text your stylist directly. We will be happy to make small tweaks and adjustments within 1 week or less of your hair appointment.

*This courtesy is not to be confused with “changing your mind” or trying to work the system for free services. If your request is reasonable, we will do all that we can to fix any error in quality.

Tardiness/Cancellation Policy

All clients will receive a confirmation text message from your stylist 24hrs prior to the appointment date. If you cannot make it please notify your stylist as soon as you can so that she may accommodate other clients. Cancel/no show 3 consecutive times and client will lose advance booking privledges.

If your are running 5 minutes or more late to your appointment please call ahead. If you arrive beyond 15 minutes late, you may have to forfeit your appointment completely.

If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, it is considered a ”no show”. Your stylist may choose to take a deposit to secure future appointments. If it becomes a reoccurring issue, your stylist may refuse to provide your future services.

Sick Bay

Please reschedule any and all appointments if you are under the weather. Your stylist does not get sick days, personal time, or any other company perks. If she can’t do her job because she got sick dozens of other clients will also be inconvenienced. Please be courteous and stay home. Re-book and get well soon!


We do not offer refunds of any kind on rendered services. *See our Redo/Adjustments Policies if your are dissatisfied  with your results. Products can be returned for a refund or exchange for another product within 1 week of purchase. If more than half of the product is gone, this offer is revoked.

"Fashion fades, Style is forever."